Nature Inspired Art & Music Appreciation ~ January

As part of my nature study goals for 2016, I planned on adding a little art & music appreciation. I will do quarterly "reports" on my nature study but for this, I am hoping to check in at the end of each month.

In January, I started this study very simply and enjoyed that intentional addition of art and music to my days very much. I thought I would share with you, in case you are interested in adding a little bit of art and music to your days too. This past month was classical but I am not sure yet if each month will have the same "flavour", I am open to whatever inspires me! 

For art appreciation, I wanted to look at winter scenes, especially scenes with snow. I found several that I loved and created a Google Art Project gallery. You can see my gallery here: Winter.

I have always loved Monet's work and found The Magpie my favourite this past month. I set it as my computer's background so I could see it everyday, many times a day. I printed a small version and added that to my nature journal. 

I read the commentary on the Magpie at the Musee D'Orsay site, where it is currently. I also read the entry in Wikipedia about this painting, which led me to look up other winter scenes by Monet. 

Claude Monet painted "La Pie", an oil on canvas, during the winter of 1868-1869 in Normandy.

The Magpie by Claude Monet. 

For music, I listened many times over the month to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: Winter. I used the Winter Nature Study with Art and Music Appreciation by Barbara McCoy (from Handbook of Nature Study) . She had shared a beautiful performance by the United States Air Force Band. I listened to this one too many times to count, really! I love it. I also found an old CD we had of The Four Seasons and put that on several times in the my kids have listened to this piece many times too! 

For fun, I searched this piece on YouTube and found many great videos, and also came upon this one by The Piano Guys. It blends the modern Let It Go (yes, from Frozen) and Vivaldi's Winter. I like this one too!


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