Our Experiences with Art in our Homeschool

A Galaxy by Celeste and I

Art is everywhere and has been an important part of our homeschool experience. Over the years, we have enjoyed playing with art and viewing different art forms. We have appreciated art and learned about various artists. Art has been part of our history, science, and even math at times! 

Art has also been something that we just simply enjoy..whether it is doodling, painting, or even drawing on ourselves! My oldest daughter, Adrienne, loved spending time drawing and when she homeschooled, she had the time to explore that passion! 

Drawings by Adrienne

Adrienne drawing flames on herself

A beautiful watercolour non permanent art done by Adrienne on her arm

For this month's Canadian Homeschool Blog Team post, I have enjoyed looking back on our experiences through visiting blog posts from my archives!  

Andre drawing a cave painting during history

I chose a few posts from my archives that represent our experiences with art. I hope you will enjoy visiting these posts and hopefully be inspired to see art in your everyday too!

A lion by Celeste (5 at the time)

Summer Art Appreciation with Vincent Van Gogh

Sketch Tuesday posts

Body art!

Art using "Drawing with Children" book 

Art as part of our history studies: cave drawings

Art in our science: imaginary galaxy with chalk pastels

Art in math: Sierpinski triangle with candy corn

Art in Nature Study: Mosquitoes

Viewing art wherever we are! Sculpture Park in Windsor, Ontario

Sketch Tuesday by Adrienne

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  1. Lovely! This is an area I am weak in, so it's good to see some inspiration!

  2. What fun to look back on! We have used Drawing with Children also, I'll have to revisit it when my girls are older and compare our results. I've had a lot of fun exploring art with my kids!

  3. how did your daughter keep that arm chalk drawing from smearing while she wore it?


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