Farm Field Trip: Lambs and Baby Goats

Last week, we visited a local sheep and goat farm with our homeschool group. The farm belongs to one of the homeschool families. They raise sheep and lambs. They also have goats, chickens, turkeys, cows, and a few other animals. It's a busy farm! 

We loved spending the morning with the animals, especially the baby goats and the lambs. Celeste was able to hold several goats and lambs. At lunch time, she also bottle fed a lamb. We also learned quite a bit about taking care of these farm animals. It was a great experience!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from our visit. 

Celeste holding a baby goat. This one was only 1 week old! 

Baby goats and their mama! 

Older goats eating together...I think that one on the left is smiling at me..

These boy sheep were at the one end of the goat barn. 

Lady sheep in the larger barn with their baby lambs

Adorable white lamb

More lambs. They were super friendly, coming up to us and letting us pet them! 

Celeste bottle feeding one of the lambs.