Flashback Friday ~ Scrappy Trip Along Quilt

I have been blogging for 9 years and lately, I have been wanting to share some old posts from the archives of my blogs..which is where Flashback Fridays come in! 

This post is from March 2013. 

I finished my scrappy trip along quilt. This quilt is the first one I have worked on since we moved to the island. I love it! 

I named it "Bright & Happy" because it is just that. I like to name my quilts.  I write the name on the back along with my name, the date, and location where it was made. 

This quilt is very cozy. A perfect cuddly quilt for our couch that we can take turns enjoying. Maybe it will end up on someone's bed one day, but for now its home is in our family room. 

I pieced and quilted by machine. The quilting went surprisingly very smoothly. I often have issues with my machine but changing the needle and using good quality quilting thread really seemed to help. I quilted with a black thread, on each side of the seams of each block and then again in diagonals. 

I used some of the orange fabric from my backing for the binding. I think it works well with all the colours in the quilt and makes the oranges pop a little more. 

I haven't measured the quilt, but the photo below might give you an idea of the size. My fourteen year old son is standing with his arms over his head and my youngest daughter is on our armchair, also stretched out to hold the quilt. 

You can see many versions of this quilt on Instagram, just search for #scrappytripalong and by googling. I love how so many have been making this  design, it's great to see so many colour combinations and different designs. 

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