Nature Inspired Art & Music Appreciation ~ February

At the start of this year, I decided to choose some nature study goals, including to add some art and music. Last month, I wrote about that experience and shared the painting and the music I focused on. I continued that practice in February, with a new chosen painting and music. 

Recording in my nature journal
 after reading about Alfred Sisley
 in Sister Wendy's The Story of Painting

I chose another winter scene, this time by Alfred Sisley. It is called "la neige a Louvesciennes", in English: "Snow at Louvesciennes". 

This snow scene is so dreamy. I can imagine walking along that path, just like that person in the distance. I like how the snow is covering the trees and the fences. 

I searched for another piece of music that would feel like winter to me. I found a few and chose The Skater's Waltz by Emile Waldteufel. It's beautiful, and just like last month, I listened to it many times over the month of February. 

Two months have already gone by! I am enjoying this focus on art and music with our nature study. I am off to go select new pieces of art and music for March! 


  1. oh, that's so nice that you are enjoying these studies. :) Keep it up eh!


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