Poetry Tea Time News!

Celeste and I have been enjoying the Brave Writer lifestyle for the last 3 years. It has truly been an amazing addition to our home education experience. 

We started with Poetry Tea Time, and added more layers like Word Games and language arts programs as we went along. 

Poetry Tea Time is still one of our top favourite experiences, sitting down with a selection of poetry books, drinking yummy tea and snacks. It sounds like a simple thing to add to a homeschool routine or even as an after-school activity, but it adds so much to our week! The enjoyment of reading poetry aloud, or at times the questions we come up with, trying to understand the poetry! We laugh a lot too, we often enjoy quirky fun poems.

Celeste and I also enjoy cooking together, so we try to bake something tasty for our poetry tea times...but there have been plenty of times when we just cut up apples or oranges, open a pack of rice cakes or cookies! 

I have written several blog posts about this, check out this link (or click on the Poetry Tea Time tab at the top of my blog) to read more, along with poetry book lists! 

From this past week's Poetry Tea Time 

We made chocolate chip scones this week for our Poetry Tea Time

I am super excited about the news from Brave Writer about the upcoming new website PoetryTeaTime.com scheduled to launch on March 29! Be sure to visit this pre-launch website for a free Quick Start Poetry Tea Time guide to download and information about the fun contest! Be sure to check all the social media accounts for Poetry Teatime, I personally love the new Instagram account


  1. I love this idea; I know you do it for homeschooling, but I might nick the idea for our bookclub. Tea, cake and poetry sound heavenly!


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