The Little Prince Review & Giveaway!

Raincoast Books is having a great giveaway to celebrate The Little Prince. One winner will receive her/his choice of any 1 of the following four books along with a copy of The Little Prince colouring book. The contest is open to Canadian residents only, 18 years and older. You can see which edition you would like to choose by continuing to read through this blog post. Entry to the contest is at the bottom of this post. 

The Little Prince is a story I grew up with in France. I remember it being one of my favourites and when I moved to Canada, I made sure to bring my childhood copy with me! You can see my copy in the photo above, top right! To be able to share this story with Celeste has been so special, and even more wonderful is how much she loved it. 

The story of The Little Prince is timeless and full of meaning. It is the story of the adventures of a little boy who leaves his tiny planet. He meets several different people on their planet and then heads to Earth where he finds the stranded pilot. There are many beautiful quotes throughout. There is a lot of imagery throughout the story and it was great to discover these together as we read aloud The Little Prince's adventure. 

We took turns reading aloud from the The Little Prince Family Storybook, which includes the full unabridged text and has gorgeous photos from the new movie. This edition is a wonderful format, perfect for reading aloud together as a family. The art, made with paper is beautiful and there are many of the original drawings included as well. Celeste and I looked back to my old copy and compared both often. 

Celeste and I also read The Little Prince Graphic Novel. This edition is adapted and illustrated by Joann Sfar. It's a new format for this story but we both thought it works really well and enjoyed seeing the story with more art! 

For this giveaway, you can choose one of 4 different editions (The Little Prince, The Little Prince Graphic Novel, The Little Prince Read Aloud Storybook, and The Little Prince Family Storybook). I wrote a brief description of each, above and below, with the titles in bold: 

The Little Prince Read-Aloud Storybook is adapted for young children and illustrated with the amazing art from the film. 

In this edition of The Little Prince, you will find the original full-colour illustrations and unabridged text. A reader's guide is also included. This is a smaller "pocket-sized" book. 

The winner will also receive a copy of The Little Prince Colouring book, which looks amazing! I think this will be great for all ages. I personally really enjoy colouring still! 

To enter this contest, leave me a comment and let me know which The Little Prince book you would choose! Contest is open to Canadian residents, 18+. The choices are: The Little Prince Family Storybook, The Little Prince Graphic Novel, The Little Prince, The Little Prince Read-Aloud Storybook. 

You can find various editions published by HMH of The Little Prince at: 

Disclosure: I received two sample books for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on our personal experience. Your experience may differ. 

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  1. I would love the The Little Prince Read Aloud Storybook

  2. I've never read this one! I think I watched a French movie or tv show of it as a child though. I would chose the original and unabridged. A colouring book sounds like fun!

  3. I will choose the Little Prince Read Aloud Storybook - Emily Lam


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