Me...A Homeschool Conference Speaker?

This month's topic for the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is "Conference Chats", meaning what would we write about if we were to do a presentation at a conference.

If I had been asked to write about this last year, I am not sure I could have! One year makes a huge difference though, as I was asked to speak at a conference next July! I will be one of the speakers at the Brave Writer "Be Good To You" Retreat in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am so excited and looking forward to this! It will be a new experience for me and since I love Brave Writer, I can't imagine a better opportuntiy! 

I will be conducting a workshop about nature study and journaling. My kids and I have enjoyed studying nature as part of our homeschooling, as well as documenting some of our findings. My two oldest kids and I did a lot of nature study and documenting. Even tough Celeste enjoys being in nature and observing it, she isn't as interested in the documenting part, so more recently I choose to keep my own nature journal, for my own enjoyment. It has been very enjoyable and a habit that I can see I will continue for years to come. I am also not giving on Celeste and hope that my practice might inspire her at some point..

I am just about to start writing my workshop notes. I have been organizing my thoughts for the last couple of months and now I am ready to write my presentation in more details. I plan on including a hands-on experience, with the group going outside in nature, experiencing a little nature study and collecting a small sample to take back to the meeting room. I can't wait to sit with everyone, to journal and draw, maybe even paint a little. 

I like practical things and simple instructions. I also enjoy knowing the why behind things, as well as the benefits of doing them, so I would include my thoughts on these. I will be talking about the importance of spending time in nature, ways to inspire and include children of all ages during nature walks, and some fun ideas for activities. 

Because I love books, I will be sharing a book list of my favourite nature study guides and inspiration-filled books I have come across. There are also several websites and apps worth mentioning. An explanation and demonstration of a few basic items that would be useful to carry along during a nature study walk will certainly be part of it too. 

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  1. That's awesome Alexandra! How exciting to be a part of that :)

  2. that is fantastic! Yay you!!! :)


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