My List for Canadian Online Modern Fabric Stores

Over the last six months, I have found some awesome Etsy fabric shops to get my fabric supplies for my own Etsy shop Life On Island Studio. 

I really enjoy supporting smaller online stores on Etsy, but most of them were in the USA. The shipping costs and the exchange rate with the US dollar has gotten a little ridiculous, so I couldn't keep that up! 

I am actually grateful for that challenge because it pushed me to look harder for Canadian online fabric stores. There aren't many on Etsy that carry modern quilting fabrics so I have been doing a wider search instead. It wasn't always easy to find these modern fabric shops, so I thought I would share my list with you here. 

How did I find these shops? 

Instagram has been the best place for me to discover Canadian online fabric shops, even better than Google! By following other quilters and fabric lovers, I have found suppliers. I have also been followed by fabric shops. It's been a wonderful resource and source of inspiration. I mentioned before how much I love my studio Instagram account, I pretty much only follow quilters and artisans, as opposed to my main IG @lifeonisland where I follow friends and many homeschoolers. 

Here is the list of online Canadian modern fabric shops that I have discovered as well as Canadian Etsy stores. It is in no particular order, but the ones with stars at the start of the name I have bought from and had wonderful service with! 

Fabric Spark by Daryl in Toronto, Ontario

Fabric Spot by Karen in Markham, Ontario

Dinkydoo Modern Fabrics by in Alicia in Vancouver, British Columbia

Dragonfly Fabrics by Jennifer in Alberta

Fridays Off Fabric Shop by Alanna in Toronto, Ontario

Annie & Dot Fabrics (on Etsy) by Deanne and Karyn in West Hawk Lake, Manitoba

If you know of other Canadian online modern fabric shops, please leave me a comment below and I will add it to the list! 


  1. What a great idea, Alex! I try my best to shop within Canada and I am going to check out these you have listed. Thanks! ;)

  2. Thanks for the mention Alexandra! We're glad to be another one of the great online shops serving Canadians. It makes us proud :)


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