Nature Inspired Art & Music Appreciation ~ March

At the beginning of this year, I chose some nature study goals. As part of these, I added art and music appreciation, focusing on pieces that were inspired by nature. 

Each month, I choose a new painting and new music to study. It has been really enjoyable. You can read about my past choices at these blog posts: January and February. 

This past month, I chose Road to Charlevoix by Alexander Young Jackson. March is still winter here so I chose one more snow scene. 

Road to Charlevoix by A.Y. Jackson

A.Y. Jackson was a member of the Canadian Group of Seven. As usual, I enjoyed reading about his life and art here and here. I wrote a few things in my nature journal too. 

For music, I chose "The Snow is Dancing" by Debussy. It's such a beautiful piece of classical music. It is part of the Children's Corner, a six movement suite for solo piano. He dedicated it to his daughter Claude-Emma. 

Three months flew by. Even though spring hasn't completely arrived on the island yet, I will be choosing spring inspired paintings and music for April!