The Kingfisher Atlas of World History ~ Book Review

The Kingfisher Atlas of World History by Simon Adams has become one of our main homeschool resources. This revised edition is truly a "stunning visual journal through human history from ancient times to the present day" as the subtitle tells us!  

In our homeschool this year, we have studied Early Modern times and we just started Modern History. We have been able to further our studies with this book. 

The Kingfisher Atlas of World History is divided by time periods: 

  1. The Ancient World 
  2. The Medieval World
  3. Exploration and Empire 
  4. The Modern World 

Table of Contents 

Each map page includes an introduction and timeline, as well as the individual information by locations. Each map is filled with interesting information and we enjoyed taking turns reading each aloud. The information snippets are a perfect size, not too big but still giving a lot of detailed facts. It is wonderful to have this visual resource and be able to locate events we are studying. 

In each section, there are also additional topic pages, these are fascinating with many photographs and illustrations. Celeste and I had read about the Industrial Revolution in our lessons and really enjoyed reviewing that time period through this page, as well as seeing the photograph of the spinning jenny machine! 

You can find the Kingfisher Atlas of World History at:

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on our personal experience. Your experience may differ.