The Splendid Sampler ~ Blocks 19 to 24

The Splendid Sampler is a sew-along project hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. It is a free project, all the details can be found at The Splendid Sampler. The sampler will have 100 6 inch blocks when it is finished. It started on Valentine's Day of this year. Pat and Jane invited 83 designers to submit block designs, and these designers are also doing the sew along! There will be different techniques used throughout. 

I worked on a few blocks over the last ten days. Here are each block individually and their names:

Block 19 ~ Measure Twice, Cut Once...

Block 20 ~ Nature's Walk 

Block 21 ~ Sweet Candy 

Block 22 ~ Goose on the Loose 

Block 23 ~ Hand in Hand
Block 24 ~ Inspector Sidekick

I now have 24 blocks made out of 100! Since I decided to do a scrappy quilt, I am not sure what order I will place these yet when I am finished. For now I took this photo of them in order that they were released. 

You can see all the blocks with instructions at The Splendid Sampler. 

I have blogged about my progress so far with this quilt along. You can see post blog posts: Blocks 1 to 6 Blocks 7 to 12 and Blocks 13 to 18.