Nature Walks in June

Spring has fully arrive on Prince Edward Island. The green leaves on the trees are so vibrantly green. I find myself wanting to take photos every few minutes while on my nature walks! I also love the different shades of blue in the sky and ocean. 

I also look down for small treasures, like wildflowers on my walks. Here are a few I noticed in the last couple of weeks. From the left: white forget-me-nots (aren't they the sweetest little flower?!); in the mosaic corn lily, starflower, bunch berry, and lastly crab apple blooms. 

Most of my walks are on the nature trail near our home. I also like to walk around Charlottetown and take other paths that include bits of nature. It simply brings me happiness. 


  1. Beautiful photos; lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


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