Plan With Me Challenge ~ June 1 to 15

Plan With Me Challenge is a monthly list of prompts to share photos or posts related to bullet journaling and other planning systems. It is hosted by Kara from Boho Berry, Jessica at Pretty Prints and Paper, and Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine. 

If you are not familiar with Bullet Journaling, you can read my "what it is and how it works" post!

Bullet journaling really works for me and I am always looking to add or improve my journal, so it's been wonderful to follow these prompts and try new ideas. I have loved seeing posts by others doing this challenge, they are so inspiring! 

I have been sharing my photos on Instagram. There is also a great community group on Facebook. I don't feel like my journal is so great that I am ok sharing it, but I am stepping out of my comfort zone and following each prompt anyway! 

I compiled my photos into three mosaics here and numbered each photo with its corresponding prompts. It's been fun looking at them as a group like this. I love the one with Orion, our husky and the one outside in the grass and dandelions, with my crystals!

1. Hello There! 2. Goals 3. Planner Squad 4. Today 5. This Week
6. This Month  7. Experimenting  8.Celebrate  9.Digital + Analog
10. Planning Hacks

11. Food  12.Work Projects  13.Was Worth Trying  14.Finances 15.Help Me___