Simple Summer Solstice Celebration

We had a lovely, simple Summer Solstice celebration on Monday evening. As soon as my husband arrived from work and dinner was done, Celeste and I headed to the beach. It was finally a warm day, even with the wind. 

We walked together along the beach, dipped our toes and went up in the water to our knees. The ocean was very cold, but we slowly got used to it...our toes did get a little numb, but it felt wonderful anyway! 

We also walked near the dunes and looked at the grasses and plants growing in the soft sand. 

We both brought books along and enjoyed some quiet time reading. 

It was a perfect, very simple way to welcome summer. We both took time to really absorb what we felt with our senses. Watching the little waves, listening to the wind, feeling the sun, the sand, and the salty ocean... We are so grateful to be living on beautiful Prince Edward Island!