The 7 Day Technology Detox ~ How I Unplugged

Amanda at Raising da Vinci wrote about a 7 Day Technology Detox. She invited blogger friends to participate and write about their experiences. For each day of the Detox, Amanda had an helpful prompt. Something to do to kick the habit. 

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check out all the details at Raising da Vinci

I missed the formal invitation but still wanted to do the detox so I jumped in. 

Technology for me means a computer and an iPod Touch. We don't have cell phones, but my iPod is pretty much like my security blanket or my shadow, it's never far away from me. I use it all day long. Instagram, Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and FitBit being my mostly used apps. I use my computer to blog, do research, for writing, and document/photo keeping. There are several sites that I prefer to work on the computer with, like Etsy and Pinterest. 

Having clear prompts written by Amanda really helped. Instead of just giving up everything cold turkey all week, I was able to follow the prompts. 

Before starting, I gave myself some boundaries and goals. 

Because I am a blogger I thought 2 hours a day on screen is reasonable. There might be some days with more and some with less. For the detox, I aimed to keep my total screen time under 2 hours, which included time on my iPod, computer, TV and Netflix. 

Here are some of my other "rules" I came up with for the detox:

  • limit screens to a minimum after 10 am and to less than 2 hours/day
  • go outside instead of watching Netflix/movie after dinner
  • pick up a book to read when itching to use iPod
  • only posts on Instagram, no scrolling mindlessly on Pinterest or FB groups 
  • turn off all notifications then remove all social media apps on day 3

Overall, I followed my boundaries. 

I think turning off all notifications made the biggest impact on Day 1. I didn't have sound notifications before, I never liked the constant bings and beeps, but I used to get the screen ones and often noticed those, which led to checking whatever app and often lead to spending time scrolling. 

Day 2 was the easiest day for me. The prompt said "no devices in bathroom". I never got into the habit of checking my iPod while in the bathroom. 

Day 3 was more difficult when I removed all the social media apps from my iPod. I did check Facebook and quickly looked at Instagram on my computer that evening! 

Day 4's prompt was my favourite: Take photos with a real camera. We went to Summerside that day and I took my Canon Rebel along. I had a great time playing with my camera. 

Day 5 prompt invited us to call someone instead of texting. I chose to write a letter instead. I used to write a lot of letters, but this year has been really slow for me. I wrote to my cousin and mailed it the same day. I did use the computer that afternoon to follow quilt block instructions for the Splendid Sampler. 

Day 6 was "cold turkey" day. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I did check email and synced my FitBit before 8am. I was on for about 6 minutes then off the rest of the day. I did listen to an audiobook while I went for a long walk, so technically I looked at a screen to select the book and press play. 

Day 7 was to write in a journal our thoughts about the detox. I did that in my bullet journal and shared these words with you here too. Once I publish this post, I will be screen detoxing for the rest of the day. 

What did I learn from this tech detox? 

I did miss some social media but I know I can do with less of it. 

I want to be more focused and intentional about my time online from now on. What I mean by that is no more mindless scrolling. I realize that I do that when I am tired, bored, or lonely. 

Having a very limited time online this week showed me that I can still be online and get what I need which is the inspiration, information, and connections with others. I just need to be more selective, focused, and intentional. I feel the need to create a routine/schedule for myself. 

Before starting the detox, I thought it would be a great idea to do this regularly. I still think that and plan on doing a screen detox once a month, for 5 days at a time. I think the last week of each month will be good timing. I plan on coming up with some unique prompts for each detox. 

Instagram is my happy place and I missed it a lot. This will be the first app that gets put back on my iPod! I love sharing photos and looking at friends' photos too. I like the feeling of community there is over a shared interest like bullet journaling, homeschooling, books, quilting, or nature... 

Facebook Groups was the other app I missed the most. I have only a very select few groups that I interact with regularly. 

Surprisingly, I missed Pinterest. I mostly use it for looking up recipes, bullet journal ideas, quilting, or nature study. Maybe I missed it because I wasn't getting my daily dose of inspiration from Instagram...

I enjoyed the extra time I had in the evenings because I wasn't watching movies. BUT it also means that I did not spend that evening down time with my family, so I know this wouldn't work in the long run. I would like to suggest a balance to my family, a mix of doing things outside, especially in the summer, and movies. I am not sure how that will be received because they love their down time at the end of the day, but I will look for a balance at least for me!

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