Frida Kahlo ~ Library of Luminaries Book Review

Frida Kahlo was an amazing artist. She painted with such vibrancy and emotions. Her paintings, in my opinion, are the kind of paintings one could look at for hours, seeing more and more details as time goes by. I looked at some of her other paintings since I had only been familiar with her most well known portraits.

Friday Khalo ~ Self Portrait
She created many paintings that are full of meaning, showing her anger, hurt, and other emotions she felt. 

What the Water Gave Me ~ Frida

Reading about her life shows that she led a vibrant life too. This illustrated biography from the Library of Luminaries series is filled with excerpts from her personal letters and diaries. The author, Zena Alkayat, writes about Frida's complete life, from her childhood illnesses to her dreams of becoming a doctor. We learn about her relationship with Diego Rivera, the older famous painter, from the moment she meets him at the school she attended. 

This little book is filled with details about her personal life and her art.  There are quotes by Frida too throughout the book, which I always feel bring so much more to a biography, being able to hear the person's voice. 

I really enjoy reading the biographies of women from this Library of Luminaries series. They are always a great mixture of information, personal, work-related, relationships, even about the houses the women lived in. 

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