Summer Doodling

In June, I participated in the Doodle With Us challenge on Instagram hosted by Alexandra and Christina

It was a daily challenge, but I have to be honest and tell you that I did the doodles once a week, catching up a few drawing at a time. Still, it was a fun experience and I am doing the July challenge. I will try to draw daily this time, or at least every two days. I don't consider myself a really good artist but I think it is more important that I am enjoying drawing than judging how good it is. 

Here are my doodles from June. The theme was Under the Sea and I really liked that all the doodles created a big picture together.  I had done these in my nature journal with watercolour pencils. Once all the drawings were done, I used a brush with a little bit of water. 

This month I started drawing in my bullet journal instead. I think that might help me remember the challenge. 

July's theme is At the Beach and will create a big picture too. Here are the prompts: