Common White Dragonfly ~ A Little Rescue

On my walk to downtown yesterday, I noticed something on the sidewalk as I walked. I looked a little closer and saw it was a dragonfly. It wasn't moving so I bent down a little more. That is when I noticed that it was laying upside down, with its legs up in the air. 

Was it dead? No, the little legs were moving! 

I didn't want to touch its wings for fear of damaging him, so I looked for a small stick and gently moved the stick close to the dragonfly. As I got it close, trying to figure out how I would help it move back right side up, the little legs grabbed on to the stick. It was the sweetest thing to see. 

The dragonfly right side up again!

I didn't want to leave the dragonfly on the sidewalk so I put the thin stick near him again. He grabbed on again! I then gently carried it to the grass area nearby. 

This photo is blurry, but I thought it was so sweet
how  the dragonfly held on to the stick with its legs. 

It was such a joy to help this dragonfly. This was a male, the male Common White dragonfly has clear tips and a brighter body. You can see a female Common White dragonfly that visited our garden on this post. 


  1. Wonderful, Alex.
    They are such amazing creatures. Happy you happened upon this one to help him out.


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