I love lists

I love lists. 

I love blog posts with lists, especially random lists that don't really follow any kind of theme or pattern! I came across this blog because Celeste and I were looking at recipes for her school lunches. Yes, she is going to public school after homeschooling her entire life so far (besides a year in junior kindergarden). Anyway, we came across a delicious-looking recipe for homemade strawberry roll ups. As soon as I landed on Shutterbean I knew I loved it. I especially love her "I love lists" posts. 

So I am going to try to share with you a weekly lists post too. I say "try" because even though I have the best intentions, life sometimes takes over! I come across all kinds of different things over the course of a week and it would be awesome to have them all in one place like a weekly blog post. 

Here is my first totally random I Love Lists list:

1. In case you missed the link above, these strawberry roll ups are amazing and super easy to make, no dehydrator needed 

2. President Obama Summer Playlists, one for the daytime, one for nightime - politics aside, I really enjoyed listening to all the choices for these playlists

3. How to Raise Awesome and Amazing Adults by Heather Hurley Weller, on Huffington Post! Great post, great woman...and great photos (yes, I am in one of them!)

4. I forgot how relaxing colouring was. It had been months since I picked up a colouring book

5. Yoga for me this week were these 2 videos: Freedom Glow Yoga and Yoga for Anxiety

6. Netflix shows I am currently addicted to: Stranger Things, Happy Valley, and The Office. 

7. I want to start dancing in the morning. I think I will start this on September 6th. That's the first day of school for Celeste. Dancing will help process, I think...Inspired by  this post.

8. I love the pineapple in this 21 embroidery projects that won't take you a month to finish

9. A dream of mine, since my early 20s, has always been to learn more about herbal medicine, especially for women. This course is a dream. 

10. I love local artists. Prince Edward Island is home to many many talented creative artists. Kimberly Naumann made the most beautiful fox painting recently and named it Celeste ♥

Have a great weekend :)


  1. I did both of those yoga videos this week!!! So good :) love lists, too!


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