One Year Anniversary SALE at my Etsy Shop!

Life On Island Studio is having a 1 year anniversary sale! I can't believe it's been one year already since I launched my little online shop. I am so grateful for the positive feedback I have had for my little colourful quilted creations! I now have 100 admirers who follow my shop, thank you from the bottom of my heart if you follow me! 

My favourite experiences by far with my Etsy shop have been when I get to work one on one with a customer and create a tote bag, a notebook cover, or even a quilt unique for them. Getting to know each person's style and interests, matching those with colours and fabrics, that is what I love about handmade things. 

I have added a few items to my shop and if you use the coupon code "1YEARANNIVERSARYSALE", you will get a discount of 20%! This coupon code expires August 20th. 

You can click here to get to my shop or click on the graphic below :) 

Thank you for your support!