Soup Cleanse Cookbook ~ Book Review

Soup Cleanse Cookbook: Embrace a Better Body and a Healthier You with the Weekly Soup Plan is written by Nicole Centeno, founder of Brooklyn-based Splendid Spoon. 

This cookbook is so much more than a book filled with delicious plant-based soup recipes! Different soup styles can be found, recipes for pureed soups, beans and lentils soups, sweet soups, restorative stews, and healing broths. But it is also a very helpful guide to following a healthy soup cleanse program. Nicole Centeno explains thoroughly the benefits of soups and the ingredients found in her recipes, as well as the benefits of doing a soup cleanse, and the different options. 

I really enjoyed reading through this book, learning more about the Four Pillars of Souping in details: plant-based nutrition, practicality, intermittent fasting, and mindfulness. The Soup Cleanse program is very well explained and Nicole gives instructions for a 7 days program, highlighting what to do each day. The recipes are also organized by five different health categories: energize, strengthen, detox, weight loss, heal, and mom & baby.

I started by making two of her soups, one a week, and having the soup as one of my meals. Each recipe was very clear to follow and produced delicious soups. 

Pear and Sunflower Seed Soup 

The first week, I made a sweet one. I was intrigued by that particular section of this book and wanted to try one right away. I chose the Pear and Sunflower Seed soup. It was very refreshing cold and deliciously tasty with the flavours of vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamom. I ended up having it for lunch almost every day, and on some days I even ate if for a late afternoon snack. 

Making Summer Ratatouille

The second week, I made the Summer Ratatouille from the Restorative Stew section. The aroma of that soup cooking on the stove top was amazing and brought me back to my childhood, growing up in the south of France. Eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes..yummy! This stew was delicious hot or cold. 

The recipes make a generous amount of soup, perfect for having a serving each day for almost a full seven-day week. I enjoyed eating this Summer Ratatouille each day for either lunch or dinner this past week. It was truly delicious and filling too, as I mentioned in one of my Instagram stories! 

One of my favourite things in this book, besides the great recipes, are the notes throughout on benefits of each soup and Nicole's notes on the ingredients, as well as the mindful mantras and movement suggestions sprinkled through. I am going to continue making a soup each week and having some for lunch or dinner each day. It's very enjoyable. My next choice is Beans & Greens which has pinto beans, black beans, bok choy, spinach and other veggies. 

The Soup Cleanse Cookbook will be released on August 30th. You can pre-order it at: 

You can also find Nicole Centeno and her Splendid Spoon on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and through her website. 

Disclosure: I received an advance copy book for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on our personal experience. Your experience may differ.