August Break 2016

In August I participated in August Break, which is a series of prompts for daily photos given by Susannah Conway. I have been doing these on my Instagram almost every year, but looking back on my blog, it looks like I didn't share my photos here since August Break of 2012

I recently found myself explaining to a friend the reason behind doing these types of challenges and, simply I enjoy them. These photo challenges encourage me to look for things I might not normally, to be creative. Another big part of these are the community created from them. Almost every day, I clicked on the hashtag and looked at other people's photos for that prompt. I often like and comment on photos. It only takes a couple of minutes but I always feel inspired and happy after.  

I love seeing all the photos in one spot, so here are all my 2016 August Break photos. You can find the prompts on the list photo above. I have made the mosaics in order from left to right, row by row. 

Looking back at my photos, I have so many favourites. The most popular on my Instagram was day 3:handwriting where I shared a photo of my maternal grandmother's letters to me. I miss her so much. Her and I wrote letters regularly once I moved to Canada, until she passed away. 

August 1 to 9 

August 10 to 18

August 19 to 27

August 28 to 31

The next photo challenge by Susannah should be the December Reflections.