I Love Lists #8

Fall is here and I am starting to notice a few leaves changing and falling to the ground, like the one in the photo above. I saw this one on my way home from work this week. 

1. This school replaced detention with meditation 

2. This was interesting to read and watch the video: the fastest human powered bike

3. Lego for grownups TED Talk, yes it's ok to  play with lego! Maybe now I can get that Big Bang Theory set I've secretly been wanting ;)

4. 14 habits that could cause you back pain

5. The next Free 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge is starting tomorrow! Check it out, I think this is our 3rd one this year. We love it!

6. I have been reading a lot about emotional abuse lately and putting politics aside, I thought this was very disturbing: 10 Emotional Abuse Tactics that Trump Used in the First Debate

7. Currently reading this book for the library book club I am part of. I have several other books on the go for reviewing and should share about those really soon! 

8. Favourite Spotify playlist right now is the Soundtrack for Study . It  has been great to write along with. 

9. October starts tomorrow and there are several challenges starting, besides the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, like the Plan with Me Challenge , Rock your Handwriting  and mnomquah will be hosting a Shadow Work challenge again this October.