I Love Lists

The first week of school is over and here is my 5th I Love Lists edition for you! 

1. A good reminder: the destructive power of complaining on Wanderlust

2. Loved this one! Mom keeps it real in hilarious back-to-school photo 

3. Learning about virtual reality with Thought Cafe on YouTube

4. Also on YouTube : How to argue - Crash Course Philosophy

5. Local Chef Ilona Daniel talks about life hacks on school lunches and delicious home grown PEI food 

6. Finally we know...and I've been putting it the right way all along!  124 year old patent reveals the proper way to use toilet paper

7. Crows have a big presence in Charlottetown. Here are 5 cool things to know about them. 

8. Did you know we are in the middle of a Mercury retrograde? It's on until September 22nd and here is a list of 10 things NOT to do during that time. 

9. Charlottetown ghosts commemorated on new stamp

10. This week, I've been watching Witch Hunt: a Century of Murder, a 2 episodes documentary on Netflix....and Orange is the New Black. 

Have a great weekend!