Life On Island Now on YouTube!

I created a YouTube account in 2007 but never really did anything with it. This past summer, I cleaned it up and started thinking about several ideas. I knew I would have more free time with my "retirement" from homeschooling and wanted to explore ideas related to my blog. I am super happy to now share with you one of my ideas! 

Life On Island Adventures on YouTube will become a series in which I will take you along for short walks in different parts of beautiful Prince Edward Island. This island might be the smallest province in Canada, but there is so much to see! I hope to take you along on many of my adventures, through all the seasons. 

Foxes along the red dirt path to the beach

I started with a visit to the beach this past weekend. I hope you enjoy the video. I walked along the beach, through the dune path, and there might have been a friendly fox too...

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Here is the link:

PEI Blooming Point Beach + Dunes + Fox

If you want to see more of the island, until I publish more YouTube videos, you can visit this page: Exploring Prince Edward Island.