I Love Lists #9

1. This commercial by Ikea...you might need a tissue, especially if you have a son!

2. New York Subway bans dogs unless they are carried in a bag. I loved looking at these photos, especially the huskies!

3. I shared this video about anxiety on my personal facebook this week. I am just starting to learn more about anxiety this past year and this spoke to me, a lot. 

4. Quit Calling Them My "Internet Friends" 

5. Seven Diverse Mantras for a Balanced Week - this is amazing and beautiful...and parts of this will be going into my bullet journal.

6. Because my youngest daughter and I love Audrey Hepburn and fashion, we really enjoyed watching this interview: Rare Screen Tests for Roman Holiday and interview with Edith Head

7. Back to watching Scandal, only a little though this week, and Once Upon a Time with the family. Once Upon a Time is one of the rare tv shows we all actually enjoy watching now...

8. Music was playing loudly a lot more this week when I was at home alone, especially listening to Happy Hits! playlist on Spotify 

9. Related to last item on this list, I absolutely love this song and can't sit still every time I hear it...dancing by myself each time ;-) 

10. So looking forward to reading Heartless. I loved Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles. AND Heartless is about the Queen of Hearts ♥

That's it for this week! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!