Love Warrior ~ Book Review

Love Warrior is a memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton, author of Carry On, Warrior and founder of Momastery. 

I feel that this book arrived at the perfect time. It spoke so much to me, in many ways. 

I can relate to some of her struggles, especially about marriage and relationships, and I appreciate the way she shares her truth and what goes through her mind, her internal dialogues. She writes about her recovery from addiction to alcohol and bulimia, her female friendships, her children, sex and her marriage. She also writes about her faith. I am not a church-going person, but I enjoy reading about her journey. Her writing is completely honest and that is very refreshing. She is a master at telling the freaking truth. 

I often read at night and whenever I read this book, I had to remind myself to shut off the light because I could have read all night long. I also didn't want the book to end. I wanted to continue reading about her journey. This memoir is full of Glennon's personal stories but many are so relatable, that it often felt like I was reading about myself or talking to a close friend. I found myself nodding along, feeling her pain, her triumphs, and laughing along with her too. 

There is a lot of wisdom in these pages and I feel more empowered after finishing reading Love Warrior. I have marked so many pages, some just because of the simple beauty of Glennon's writing and many because they are empowering quotes that will help me embrace and trust my own warrior journey. I will add some of my favourite quotes and passages in my bullet journal so I can see her words again and again. 

This is a powerful book that I know I will read again, many times, because I believe it will speak to me in new ways each time. I highly recommend it. 

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on our personal experience. Your experience may differ.