My Everyday Life ~ Week One

Life has gotten a little more busy these last few weeks, with my starting a part-time job. Honestly, I have felt a little overwhelmed with the long list of things I want to try to squeeze in each day. So, of course, being the person I am, I think...I need to blog more! 

It might not make much sense but writing blog posts and writing in general really makes me happy. I miss doing the homeschool wrap-up posts, the highlights of what we did during the week since Celeste went off to public school. I am going to start writing a type of wrap-up posts for myself, they will likely have lots of photos and some raw truths. I am totally inspired by Shutterbean's weekly posts, again. I hope she won't mind, again. I followed her I Love Lists idea too...These are the kind of regular posts I love to read in other people's blogs so why not start doing them for myself? It makes complete sense to me!

I am starting now at week one, even if we are not at the start of the calendar year or even at the start of a season! For me, the week starting October 3 will be my week here I go...

Monday, I started a free online 8 week long "Start Writing Fiction" writing course at the Open University. I am already behind, but that is OK. I told myself I can either catch up or choose to not stress about being behind. I want to enjoy this course and learn new things from it, not have it as another "to-do" on my list. I have already learned new things to try and look forward to putting those in practice.

Monday was a really yummy day, with a tasty green smoothie from the 30 day green smoothie challenge, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, to start my morning. 

I tried another recipe from the new Oh She Glows cookbook, the Pillowy Pumpkin Snacking Cookies. The only negative thing about these? The recipe doesn't make a I will double it next time. Everyone ate those really fast! 

My husband and my two kids (our oldest lives on her own) watched several episodes of Once Upon a Time together this week. Netflix Canada has added a new season, finally! We have been waiting forever. Once Upon a Time is a show we all enjoy watching, which is something that is a little rare since we all have different tastes and preferences. 

This week, the Shadow Work October challenge started too. This is a tarot challenge I did last year in October and I really enjoyed it. It was a great way to dive into tarot card reading more. My husband and I  have been struggling for the past months and we are trying to connect in new ways, so I offered to read his cards and do the Hero's Journey spread for him, explaining as much as I could to him, without overwhelming him. It was interesting to do this for him. We have been together for over 20 years and after being busy raising children, homeschooling, and plainly life, it feels like we have lost each other. We also have both changed over the years, so it can be a struggle to connect. I appreciate that he is willing to try anything, including tarot cards. He is much better at reaching out that I am. Relationships can be tough! 

On a lighter note, the monthly book club meeting was this week. I hadn't quite finish the book but went anyway. I couldn't keep awake while reading this book, but as it often happens, listening to others talking about the book, I came to appreciate the story more and was glad I had read as far as I had (about half way). 

I had two shifts at work this week. I am still so new at David's Tea but really love it already. It's a great place to work, the other tea guides are always helpful, the customers are friendly, and the environment is happy! I am continuing to try new teas. I have many to go! I wrote the list in my bullet journal...of course!

I absolutely love that we now live in a city where I can walk or take the bus to get around. I usually take the bus on my way to work and choose to walk home. It takes me almost an hour to walk back and I love it. It gives me a chance to wind down and to listen to an audio book or music as I walk. At the moment, I am listening to The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. 

Celeste and I read a few picture books together this week. I miss reading with her the most since she started public school! It's easy to forget about including it in our days, but I am trying to make sure we do, at least once a week. I visit the library regularly and choose picture books I think we both will enjoy. For now though, since the weather is nice, I am just fine to say yes when she wants to go outside instead and play with her friends. She has been playing a lot of badminton lately! It's been so nice to see her hanging out with friends in our neighborhood. We have lived here for over four years, but we rarely saw any kids around here before, when we homeschooled. 

Another tasty recipe from Oh She Glows Every Day this week that I made was the Banana Bread Muffin Tops. They didn't last long either! 

We had a ton of tomatoes from our garden and zucchini so I made a big batch of ratatouille and froze it in three big portions. It will be nice to eat that with quinoa or rice in the winter and have that yummy taste from the summer harvest. 

I took some time to organize my studio this week, pulling fabrics to use for making more totes, notebook covers, and pencil rolls. I am hoping to make more of each of these for consignment sales at a local shop and maybe for my Etsy shop too. I gave myself a deadline of Halloween. I also started and finished a project for a gift that I can't share yet, but I am really happy with how it turned out! It felt great to be sewing again. 

Saturday, I started getting the garden ready for winter. One of my garden plots was filled with weeds and it felt great to get that cleaned out. The sunflowers are staying for now, as I have noticed this week a lot of small finches visiting them and eating the seeds. I enjoyed another green smoothie while I worked and listened more to The White Queen. 

Sunday morning was perfect...slowly waking up without an alarm (the only day of the week I can do that!) and reading a little more Love Warrior, then I made blueberry pancakes. I tried another tea for my challenge, the black tea La La Lemon, and had breakfast with my cousin. She lives in Ontario, but we "meet" every Sunday morning, thanks to texting and sometimes Facetime too! 

This wraps up my Week One in My Everyday Life!