My Everyday Life ~ Week Two

The week started with Thanksgiving and a storm! The island felt the leftovers of Matthew with strong winds and a lot of rain. 

We were able to stay safe and dry on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving dinner was great, with lots of laughs and simple delicious food.

Tuesday was back to routine with school for the kids and a dentist check up + cleaning for me. While waiting at the dentist, I practiced an exercise from the writing course I have been taking online, and wrote down observations of people around me. 

I walked to the dentist and back, enjoying the walk, it was a beautiful day after the storm. A fox was in my path, watching me for a few seconds before darting off through the trees. 

I had two working shifts this week at David's Tea and on my walk home listened to The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. We watched the end of The Office series this week. We love that show and it was kind of bittersweet to finish it! 

Shawn and I had lunch at Kate the Spice Lady. It was lovely and a nice quiet break in the middle of running errands. 

Before work on Thursday, I stopped at the library and walked back through the Confederation Centre and noticed a beautiful display of many tapestry embroidered squares of linen. I was grateful to have a little bit of time to admire them and learn more about this exhibit. It is the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition, which is traveling all over the world. It is fascinating to learn that so many clans and Scottish associations from 34 countries, over 1000 people participating in producing these panels. 

I made apple crisp one day last week. Celeste invited her school friend over and they enjoyed a nice afternoon snack. Celeste sounded like a tea guide, offering several teas for her friend to try. It was so cute. 

Celeste and Andre had a day of outdoor activities with the army cadets on Saturday. It was a "taxi" day for me, but the fall colours made it very enjoyable. 

At the end of the week, we did a big garden and basement cleanup. Andre started sanding and staining our kitchen table, giving it a new life. We have had this table since before we got married. 

After finishing decluttering the basement, we moved the electric fireplace that was here when we moved in, back upstairs. We had done that to make room for our homeschool things, desk and bookshelves. I have moved all but one bookshelf out of our family room so we have space again! I want to make our home cosy again. It was more utilitarian until now, serving the purpose of homeschooling while also being a home! I am looking forward to this little transformation and I am inspired to follow the way of the Scandinavians and their Hygge lifestyle. 

Saturday evening, after the busyness of cleaning and driving, had me wanting dinner out. Everyone else had already eaten, so I decided to head to the Hopyard.  Shawn came along for a local beer. It was last minute planning and nice to be able to do this, a simple date. I love the creativity of the Hopyard menu, how it changes every couple of weeks, and the ambience from listening to vinyl records. I am 95% vegetarian, but last night I wasn't. I had to try this one dish which had meat because it sounded delicious to me. It was the Pork Phrik Noodles with Hoison pork mince, sunny side farm egg, cashews, hot & sour sauce, carrot slaw, Dan Dan noodles, and fresh chili oil. I asked to have it only "a little spicy" and it was amazing and so full of flavour. I love that Charlottetown has many unique restaurants that we can enjoy. 

That's all for Week Two of My Everyday Life! You can read Week One here.