I Love Lists #13

I love lists #13! A completely random assortment of things that caught my attention this week: 

1. 25 books to read when you feel like the world is falling apart from Modern Mrs Darcy 

2. I am participating in this photo challenge on instagram hosted by the French Flow Magazine 

3. Beauty and the Beast: 9 Enchanting photos from the upcoming movie

4. Prince Edward Island paramedics and public come together in effort to save injured eagle

5. Kids' Holiday Movie Guide from Common Sense Media 

6. The 2017 Taproot calendar is so beautiful

7. When your partner has anxiety: a meltdown guide

8. Putting politics aside, I just love what Louis had to say about mothers and potentially having a mother in the White House as president in this video clip

9. We had so many household plants in Ontario that we didn't move with us to the island. I miss them and need to start replacing them. Here is a good list of the best air purifying house plants. 

10. Learning our LGBTs - Hello Giggles loves this fun educational video for kids and I do too.