My Everyday Life ~ November

Time for a little update on my neglected blog! 

November has been busy. My life has changed quite a bit but November usually means NaNoWriMo challenge and this year I have so far been able to participate and keep up with the word count goals. If I miss a day or two, I have found time to catch up. It's been an adventure on its own and I have really enjoyed it. I mostly write at home on the computer, but I have also gone out to the library or to a cafe to write. 

Working part-time has been a new adventure and one that I have really enjoyed. I am more settled now in the routine of working out of the house. It is busy with the holidays coming soon! I walk home from each shift and love seeing the change in weather and little pockets of nature on my path. 

Both Andre and Celeste had great reports from their teachers during my visit to their schools. Celeste has done amazing at school so far and her teachers find her mature, responsible and very helpful. 

I haven't been able to keep up with any creative work besides writing.

I imagine December is going to be really busy with work, but I do have a couple of book reviews coming up, as well as a sweet children books giveaway so keep an eye on my blog and social media! December is just around the corner and even though we have not decorated yet, Celeste and I started the season by watching Elf. It's one of our top favourites!

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  1. So nice to hear this update and that things are going well with school and work.


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