Daily Guidance Cards Ritual

At the end of the first week of the daily guidance cards ritual

Through Susannah Conway's Unravel Your Year 2017, I was inspired to start a daily ritual. It is simple and doesn't take a long time but it will help me with my goal of learning more about tarot and oracle cards. 

Each day, usually with breakfast, I grab my cards, shuffle them as much as I feel, and draw two cards. The first one represents me today, in my head, heart and soul. The second card is like a message card, maybe an inspiration, something I should be mindful of, a reminder. 

January 1 ~ new year, new daily ritual

I have included a simple box in my weekly page in my bullet journal to record the cards that come up every day. I might want to write more notes later on, but for now, this is enough. 

The first week of this ritual was amazing and I used The Wild Unknown Tarot deck for the full week. It was great learning more about this deck and the interpretations of each card. 

Now in my second week, I am using the Goddesses Oracle deck. Next week, I will use The Wildwood Tarot deck. I think it will be nice to keep switching them on a weekly rotation, getting to know all of them better. 


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