My Everyday Life ~ December

December was a very busy month, busy with lots of hours at my part-time job at David's Tea. What a fun friendly place to work! In the busiest of times, I worked close to thirty hours a week. I continued to love my walks home from work and captured several photos of the winter wonderland. No matter the weather, I love those 45 minutes simply walking to think and wind down from work. 

December was filled, just like all the other months of the year, with simple happy surprises. So often these come from my own children and also from my closest friends! It am very lucky to have these wonderful people to share my life with. From last minute-early morning invite to yoga class to a rainy hike in the woods to listening to me sharing my heart aches via texting to simple surprises  of fresh chestnuts just for me....I truly have the best people in my life. 

The holiday school break was very much welcomed by my two kids and they took advantage of it by sleeping in a lot. I had most of my evenings and weekends at home to enjoy time with them, which I was very grateful for! 

December was fun with the Instagram December Reflections prompt. I think I managed to post for every prompts. I also spent time looking back on 2016 and thinking ahead. I pulled out my tarot cards and Susannah Conway's Unravelling the year workbook. It was a really powerful time for reflection. 

I was sick the second half of the month of December. It forced me to relax a lot when I wasn't working, and take care of myself. I had never been a big fan of soaking in a bath, but with this sickness, I felt the need to do exactly that. It was amazing and it's now a relaxing ritual I love. I light up candles and turn off the bright bathroom light. I bring my salt lamp in, put on some music, and use bath salts. It's a great self care ritual. 

On Christmas Eve we celebrated together, with our oldest daughter coming by for a simple late dinner and small gifts exchange. Christmas is kept simple for our little family and we finished the evening with playing cards, board games, and a little Mario Kart too. 

The new year is here, with new challenges and discoveries. Only two weeks young and I already think it's going to be another magical year...even if my focus word is courage. I believe "magical", my word for 2016 is still hanging around. 

I hope 2017 started well for you!