Snowshoeing at Brookvale Provincial Park

Brookvale is a provincial park in Prince Edward Island. In winter, it is the only alpine skiing park on the island. It has a section for downhill skiing,  tubing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Biathlon athletes can practice on the trails and at the shooting range. 

Sunday, I spent the morning at Brookvale while my son Andre practiced with the army cadets for their upcoming biathlon competition. I had brought my new snowshoes along and went for a hike on the trails. I chose to do the longest trail, which was only 3.5 km. 

The wooded trails were so much fun, with lots of turns, hills, and even little creeks. The trails went across the cross country ski trails. 

It was wonderful to walk through this trail, to listen to the birds, to see all the trees covered in snow and to listen to the water travel down the creek. 

It took me less than one hour to complete the trail and that was with many stops for taking photos. I was alone on the trail but I did see a few cross-country skiers when I crossed over onto the main trails. 

Walking one snowshoe in front of the other across a tiny bridge over a much fun!

I have wanted snowshoes since we moved to Prince Edward Island and I am so happy to finally own a pair. There is something almost like meditation to walking with snowshoes, I find already. Walking with snowshoes is a little different than just walking with regular shoes, one has to pay a little more attention...or maybe it's only me because it is new! Watching for the little orange ribbons that marked the trail also was encouraging me to pay attention! 

Little creek on the trail

Either way, being in nature always encourages me to simply enjoy that moment. Taking one step in front of another, listening to my breath and nature around me. Simply paying attention to each moment in nature. It is so simple, yet so powerful. 

Happy snowshoeing on the trails

As soon as I had finished the trail, I wanted to go back! I didn't, because I wanted to go watch the biathlon practice but I know I will try to visit Brookvale and the snowshoe trails again soon. These trails also can be enjoyed in the spring, summer, and fall as mountain biking trails. They would be a ton of fun too! 

Peaceful wooded trail

For more information on Brookvale Provincial Park, you can visit this page. 

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