The 30-Day Minimalism Game with a KonMari Twist

February is fast approaching and I am ready to take on a new challenge. 

focusing on simple, like this magical sunrise 

In early 2015, I followed the KonMari method and it had a great positive impact for me. I have kept up with it, especially when it comes to making buying decisions, focusing on quality over quantity. You can read about the KonMari process on these blog posts: The Magic of Tidying Up. 

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Recently, I watched Minimalism: a Documentary About The Important Things and found out about their 30-Day Minimalism Game, which is a challenge Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus suggested at the start of this year. I loved their documentary and agreed with a lot of their points. I watched several homeschool friends participate in this game over this past month. I was a bit too late to start so I decided to start on February 1st instead. 

The challenge is simple: on the first day, choose one item to get rid of. On the second day, choose two things to get rid of, and so on through the whole month. Each day, we are to take the items out of our homes by the end of that day. This is a great challenge to do with friends, encouraging each other along the way. 

I am planning on sharing a picture of my no-longer-wanted/needed-items on my instagram stories, starting February 1st. You can find me on instagram at "lifeonisland". Check out the #minsgame on social media too, so many are rocking this game! I will save my photos and will do a recap post at the end of the month here on my blog. 

Earlier this month, I had put together a "Project KonMari #2" list in my bullet journal that I haven't really got around to yet, so I am hoping this challenge will help me focus on that too. I am planning on picking a section each day from that list and trying to find the number of items for that particular day. I hope it works! 
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Let me know in the comments if you are doing this 30-Day Minimalism Game or another similar challenge!