Snowshoeing on the Beach ~ PEI National Park in Winter

Shaws Shore Beach, PEI National Park

Yes, I do love to visit the beach in winter! Especially the beaches in the PEI National Park. It is always interesting to see the differences each of the seasons bring. 

Snowshoeing on the beach ♥

A few days ago, I had a full day off work and headed to the beach after snowshoeing at Winter River Trail. The weather was amazing, with a sunny 8 degrees Celsius! I drove up to Brackley Beach and also made a quick stop at one of the beaches near Brackley called Shaws Shore. 

Path to Brackley Beach 

The snow-covered sand dunes at Brackley Beach 

I loved my time at the beach, especially snowshoeing there. That day was a perfect day, first some snowshoe time on the wooded trail, then in the sunshine at the beach. I am the happiest outside in nature, truly. I feel very grateful to live on this little island where nature is so close to me and to have the time to enjoy it when I can. 

I also walked on to the icy ocean, without my snowshoes, following other people's footsteps until I noticed they had stopped and turned around. The ice kept going but I didn't want to chance it, being alone out there. 

In the photo below, you can just make out the wooden stairs and walkway to the beach in the distance. I was walking on the icy ocean!

Walking on the ocean

My family and I often visit this area of the PEI National Park because it is beautiful and also very easy to get to from Charlottetown. We drive North on Brackley Beach Road until we reach the park.

You can find more information about PEI National Park here. I also have several posts about the beaches on this list. 

One last look at the beach and can see in the distance
where the ice has already melted.


  1. I have never been on that beach in winter, Alexandra. It looks like a great experience any time of year!


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