I ♥ My Wildflowers Tattoo

Ironside Tattoo & Piercing in Charlottetown 

Last minute plans are often the best! Last weekend, I stood in a short line up with Shawn in front of Ironside Tattoo & Piercing. They were having a walk-in Saturday. Basically, you line up and then if your tattoo or piercing is not too involved, you can get in and get it done! I was about the seventh person down the line and was told I would get a call when it was close to my turn, which allowed me to go home for about 2 hours. 

Perfect sign! 

Ironside Tattoo & Piercing is comfortable, welcoming, clean, and spacious. Jared, the owner, drew my design from the photo I brought with me. He adjusted it a little and honestly made it even better than the one I brought in! He explained every step and the after care. 

the inspiration for my tattoo - from this instagram picture

This tattoo was my second one. My first one was in my early 20s and I was amazed at how much this industry has grown and evolved.  I've always loved tattoos, my problem has always been deciding which one to get done...which overwhelmed me and led me to not doing anything! I have a Pinterest board full of designs I love for tattoos. I tend to have three themes I love: wildflowers and things related to nature, compass, and yoga related designs. 

My new tattoo right after it was completed,
photo from my Instagram stories 

I remember the healing process from my first tattoo but this time was completely different, hardly any pain/discomfort or scabbing or anything! 

It was beautiful from the very start. I love it and I am already planning on my next one.

Just 3 days after getting my new tattoo and it is looking beautiful 


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