My Everyday Life ~ February

February was amazing for me because it included a lot of time spent in nature. 

I went regularly for a snowshoe hike, a regular walk, or spent extended time outside at least twice times a week. I even snowshoed to work because of a snow storm! I shared some of my snowshoe adventures here and here. 

Blueberry Jam latte with soy I made at work and shared with my co-workers

Work was quieter but still very enjoyable. I continually try different teas. I like to prepare them differently too. One tea I recently tried that I found delicious was the organic Blueberry Jam, as a latte made with soy milk.

Matcha Launch at work. Maple Matcha latte with soy for me, Kale Matcha for Lindsay 

I also had fun with the special Matcha Launch at work. It was an amazingly warm day and we had fun getting ready with sidewalk chalk, tasting the new Matcha teas, and setting up. I always enjoy explaining teas to people too! 

From my Instagram stories

I continued to practice daily yoga in February with Yoga with Adriene and loved every moment of it. I do so much better with life when I take the time to practice daily yoga, spend time in nature, and eat properly. It is pretty simple but when life gets busy, self care gets shoved aside...This year, I am making an effort and taking the courage to stand up for myself. 

I finally got a hair hairdresser was traveling for the last several months to South America. I decided to get my hair straightened for a change too. That was fun and felt so different. It had been a long time since I got that done! 

We celebrated Andre's 18th birthday in February! So hard to believe my one and only son turned 18...

Andre competed in the Biathlon competition with Army Cadets. I was able to stay and watch the entire competition at Brookvale. 

Celeste and Andre competed in the Cadet Marksmanship and both got gold medals, Andre in the Senior category and Celeste in the Junior. Their team also won gold. I was able to see some of the competition as I was volunteering that day, it was great! 

February was a great month of outdoor fun, yoga, and enjoying watching my kids follow their interests! 


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