Brackley Beach to Robinsons Island

If you have been reading this blog for a little while, you know that I love nature and walking in all seasons! 

Robinsons Island is part of the Prince Edward Island National Park, about 5 km from Brackley Beach in the park, on the North shore of the island. We have visited Robinsons Island a few times. You can see a post from one of our visits with our bikes in October 2015 here. 

On one of my visits alone to Brackley Beach for a walk in March, I decided to start walking towards Robinsons Island along the beach. I had a time limit and didn't quite make it I went back the next day and tried again. 

The little road to Robinsons Island is blocked during the winter months but the walk is really easy, especially on the road part, flat and about five kilometres. 

There was still a lot of ice and snow on the beach which invited me to take many photos and stops to admire the ice formations, the cracks where it started to melt and look at the ocean. That's why I usually need a lot of time when I go for a hike! So much beauty in nature that I have to look at. 

Near the parking lot at Robinsons Island, there is a really helpful bike station now with several tools, a bike rack, a pump...This will be great for anyone using the bike trails. 

We chose to walk along the beach on the way there and take the road on the way back. 

I am hoping to do a lot more hikes this year on the island and around Atlantic Canada, and share them here with you on my blog. 

I have been keeping an ongoing list of all the places we have explored on the island here since we moved here almost five years ago! 

You can also find out more information about PEI National Park  here and at the Tourism PEI page here. 


  1. Robinsons Island is on my list of places to explore this year too. Happy adventures!


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