My Everyday Life ~ March

A quick look back at March! 

March was similar to February with snowshoeing, snowy trails and the start of a little tease of warmer weather. That warmer weather didn't really stay and I am used to seeing snow until the end of today! 

Work continued to be busy and very enjoyable. The routine and the fitting in some nature time as well as family time and the usual house keeping stuff is getting a tiny bit easier, but I still haven't perfected it. Being at home for so many years, busy homeschooling and raising children, was very different than being out of the house for the majority of the time. I am getting to a balance, slowly.

We made time for some family fun and visited the Small Print Board Game Cafe. That was a ton of fun and we need to do it again. Celeste and I went again on a Sunday afternoon, just the two of us. 

I am continuing with my daily yoga practice. It keeps me balanced and able to deal with the stresses of my life better, as well as simply being excellent for my body. Yoga and my daily walking are essential for me. 

In March, I got a second tattoo! I had wanted one for a very long time. You can read more about that here. 

We went to see Beauty and the Beast at the movie theatre with was beautiful! 

I loved walking the beach along Brackley to Robinsons Island and I'm hoping to share a little more about that in this post...and here is a favourite photo below from that walk. 

See you again soon for another update! The months are flying by...