One more Wildflowers Tattoo ♥

Almost two weeks ago, I got another wildflowers tattoo, done by Jared again at Ironside! It was actually a family affair...minus Andre. Adrienne, Celeste, Shawn and I went to the Ironside walk in time on Saturday morning. 

Celeste got her ears pierced by Patrick and the rest of us got tattoos. Adrienne got a sweet hot air balloon on the back of her leg and Shawn got another set of words on his arm. 

Photos of our brand new tattoos! 

It was another great experience. I highly recommend Ironside Tattoo & Piercing for tattoos and piercing and I know I will go back for more...going to have more nature related tattoos on that arm! You can see my other wildflower tattoo here. 


  1. I am LOVING your tattoos and may need to make an appointment at Ironside when I have my next PEI visit.


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