Iced Tea + Chocolate + Reading = Simple Happy Moments

With spring slowly arriving on the island, I have been grabbing a tasty drink and a book and heading out to our garden. I love sitting there on a quilt or blanket, listening to the birds, looking at our little garden patches and reading. It's only usually for about twenty minutes. Still, it's well worth it, a chance to recharge and have a quiet alone moment. 

I had made Pink Pineapple Colada, iced, following a David's Tea recipe that uses Coco Colada fruit infusion tea. You can see the recipe here. The chocolate is infused with another fruit infusion tea: Caribbean Crush. You can see more yummy things at 

I am so happy to work at a place that has many tasty drinks and treats! 

The book I was reading in this photo is Wanderlust 

Simple moments make me happy. I love this quote from Brene Brown, it sums up how I feel completely: 

"Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary." 

Disclosure: I do work as a Tea Guide at David's Tea and truly love my job and getting to try all their products. These posts are my honest opinion and I did not receive compensation for them. :)