Lonely Planet ~ Canada

This latest edition of Lonely Planet Canada, published in April 2017, is an amazing travel guide to our beautiful country. 

Lonely Planet guides aim to "inform, educate, and amuse" and they succeed very well at all three. These guides are enjoyable to read, are useful when traveling, and have helped me dream of future adventures. 

Enjoying reading at the beach ~ PEI National Park 

This Canada guide includes helpful information needed during the planning part, like Canada's top 25 which includes the Cabot Trail, Northern Lights, and Manitoulin Island. Helpful lists "If you like..." is a quick source of suggestions. A month-by-month section gives an overview of top events in Canada. Scenic drives and train trips itineraries is a great section too. 

No matter which province you decide to visit, this travel guide has so much helpful and relevant information and if you haven't made final travel plans yet, reading through this should help. There are symbols used throughout the guide which help quickly look for sights, activities, sleeping, eating, and many more topics. Anything with a star is a "must-visit recommendation". I also really enjoy reading the little extras found through the guide, with the blue backgrounds. These can be about anything of interest for that particular region. 

When I was reading through, starting with the section on my current home of Prince Edward Island, I discovered new places I now want to visit. The description of Charlottetown is very accurate:

"If it weren't for its isolation and inhospitable winters, charming Charlottetown might just be one of the loveliest, affordable places to live, anywhere. Failing that, a visit is recommended. This little city is the perfect size with big-city benefits minus the unpleasant stuff like overcrowding, pollution and the need for public transportation." 

I personally don't mind the winter here at all and I am very grateful that there is public transportation available, but this description is truthful! Lonely Planet guides, I find, read more like a local or a friend talking about their favourite places or their experiences, and I appreciate this style much more than an impersonal travel guide. 

This year is Canada's 150th birthday and there will be even more reasons to visit! 

You can find Lonely Planet Canada 13th Edition at:
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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.