Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail ~ Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Louisbourg Lighthouse

Last weekend, I was lucky to spend the weekend in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia! Cape Breton is an island, bigger than Prince Edward Island, connected by the Canso Causeway to mainland Nova Scotia. 

Fortress of Louisbourg in the distance 

On Saturday, I started the day by driving from Sydney to the Fortress of Louisbourg. I was hoping to visit this national historical site but it was not open yet, even if the sign on the road said it was... I met two older gentlemen, very friendly with thick East coast accent, who told me I could walk up the path to the white buildings but no further. I did that after chatting with them a little more about other trails, including the lighthouse trail. I was a little disappointed that the fortress was closed but it looks amazing and I hope to go visit it when it is open! 

Fortress of Louisbourg

I drove back through Louisbourg, a really quiet town on that Saturday morning, to the lighthouse. The lighthouse was barely visible because of the fog. Cape Breton often has fog. I read somewhere that the Mi'kmaq named this land "Ăšnamakika" which means Land of the Fog. I loved seeing the changes as the fog rolled in and out. 

Views of  Louisbourg

The winding coastal road to the lighthouse was very picturesque, with small houses and lobster traps waiting to be set. 

Once I arrived at the lighthouse, I explored and read the informative signs..I always do that, a habit I took on with the kids when we homeschooled and I haven't lost...I always love learning something new, especially related to local history, wherever I am visiting. 

Louisbourg Lighthouse (click on the photo to read the sign)

The original lighthouse built on this site was the first lighthouse in Canada. There were ruins of two of the previous lighthouses around the current (4th) lighthouse. 

The trail and area around the lighthouse is amazing, my very favourite of what I saw of Cape Breton so far. The ocean, the rocks, the ferns and all the colours, the fog that kept changing the views, the seaweed and dead urchins, crabs...I loved all of this. The fresh ocean air was amazing too. It always revives me. 

I walked the trail, getting off the path several times to go walking on the rocks. 

There is a lot of history here. I sat on one of the beaches, Gun Landing Cove where French soldiers landed with their cannons and battery. I wrote in my travel journal and soaked up the sunshine.  

I hope to visit Cape Breton, explore more and walk this trail again! Check out Hike Cape Breton  , search Cape Breton on Tourism Nova Scotia , or Hiking section on Cape Breton Highlands National Park for more hikes.