Tulips on the Island

Pink and white tulips 

Earlier this week, I had a day off work and decided to go for a hike. I headed out to Dromore, making a quick stop to look at the beautiful fields of tulips. My instagram feed for the last week has been filled with amazing local photos of rainbow fields of tulips. I had to go see for myself and one of these fields was very close to the Dromore trails. 

They are so pretty! I loved seeing the different colours. I didn't stay long since I wanted to start my hike.

Fields of tulips 

Campbell Road, where I started the trail, had a great view of the tulips field when I was leaving:

Fields of tulips in Dromore

There are tulips all over Charlottetown too! Spring is so lovely on the island. 

Tulips at the entrance of Victoria Row

Tulips at the Confederation Landing park