My Everyday Life ~ May + June

First swim of the summer

It's  July I am a little behind on my monthly updates! Looking back is always fun though, so here is a little recap of my everyday life in May and June. 


May was a bit of a whirlwind month. I took on a second part-time job only to realize it would not work for my family. My husband's work took him away for several weeks at a time in May and June, and I needed to be home for our kids, even if they are teenagers! 

Fishing and releasing

Celeste and I went fishing with friends. It was an interesting experience, one that we both likely won't repeat but I am glad we tried.  

Fun with friends in May

Some fun highlights from May: 

  • going to Small Print Board Game Cafe with friends twice! One time to celebrate my birthday with friends from work, second time with Celeste and our friends Lori and Sosi. Always a ton of fun there! 
  • Attending the Symphony with a few Etsy friends to celebrate Rachel's birthday, what a moving beautiful event.
Dromore trails
In May this year, I turned 45 and Celeste turned 13! 

Nature is always part of my routine and I went hiking to Dromore by myself in May. It was perfect and I was able to see the fields of tulips too. You can read and see more photos from my hike at this blog post.

Tulip fields at Dromore


Fun sandwich board design by me, ready for work and our little garden

In June, it was busy at work! I really enjoyed when I biked to work. We planted a red and white garden as part of the Adopt-a-Corner project in Charlottetown. 

Getting ready to perform ~ Rare selfie with Celeste

Celeste finished her first year of public school, her grade seven year. She had an excellent year. She also performed in the end of year band concert at her school and did a great job playing the flute and the snare drum.

Awards at Annual Ceremonial Review

Both Andre and Celeste got awards at their end of year ceremony for cadets. So proud of them! 

I got a third tattoo in June too. Another walk in at Ironside and I love it, just like the others! You can see it here. I love the roots! 

 Group Hike off Appen Road 

I went to two group hikes and really enjoyed both. One group hike at Broovale was to also spot Pink Lady Slipper wildflowers. I wrote a post about that here. 

Group hike at Brookvale 

Clear ocean ~ first swim

I went for my first swim of the season with my friend Sheena, the ocean was cold (13 celsius!) but it was so refreshing and we both loved it (image at top of this post!) 

I might be late with these monthly posts but I really enjoy writing them and looking back at all the things I've done. It's fun and I feel very grateful for my life. Just like everyone else, I have challenges and hard times too, but focusing on the positives is always a good idea! You can read my last six months of these Everyday Life posts here. 

See you next month!