Wanderlust Find Your True Fork ~ Book Review

Find Your True Fork is the creation of Wanderlust Festival's co-founder Jeff Krasno. In a similar way from his book Wanderlust (see my review of that book here), he invited several amazing chefs to share their views and experiences on how they found their "true fork". Finding your own true fork means finding what "diet" fits you the best, for your actual body, for your mind, for your environment and more. 

It was fascinating to read each of the chapters and I shared several with my husband by reading them aloud to him. He has gone through a bit of a mind shift with his own diet and really enjoyed listening to the chefs experiences. 

I personally love the "attitude" that there is no perfect diet. I often tell friends and people I meet that ask me about my vegan diet that I don't restrict myself. I do eat vegan, mostly gluten-free, and low sugar the majority of the time because my body functions  better that way. But if I am craving eggs, then I eat local eggs. I have learned over time what works for my body and how certain foods affect me in either a good or negative way. I prefer to be clear headed, have energy, sleep well and generally feel good so I choose what I put in my body based on that. 

I also appreciated the common idea through the each chapter of choosing locally sourced and seasonal foods. I remember growing up and going to the farmers market with my mother two or three times each week. We only visited the bigger colder artificially lit grocery store once or twice a month. Eating what is available and in season makes sense. Just because we can get bananas or mangoes year round doesn't mean we should..

There are some quotes that I particularly loved in this book and I want to share these with you. These are the ones that made me excited for our future or that made me stop and think. 

From Jeff Krasno's introduction:

"It may be more productive to see food choices along an ethical continuum, with a consensus that the starting point is getting as many people as possible to see that food is a conscious choice. You might not start out making vegan gingerbread foam like Matthew Kenney. And that's okay. Once you begin to think consciously about what you eat instead of just eating indiscriminately, your journey begins." 

From Seamus Mullen 

"The goal is to celebrate food that makes you feel good, that nourishes your body and your soul." 

"We always refer to disease as contagious, but I think that health is more contagious. I became addicted to feeling good." 

Each chapter, along with an introduction with the chef's story, has a double page with quick notes for the same prompts for each chef. I really enjoyed reading these, especially the food mantra, the pantry staples and the food rituals. 

I am inspired to make sauerkraut after reading the chapter on fermented foods with Summer Bock. I will be trying the Lemongrass-Coriander Sauerkraut for sure...after I get back from the Wanderlust Festival in Tremblant at the end of the month! 

I did try two recipes right away and both were AMAZING! 

Beet and Apple Salad with Apple Cider-Curry Vinaigrette and Walnuts was the first recipe I had to try. This is Deborah Madison's recipe. It was simple to make and once the beets were finished steaming, super fast! 

The raw vegan Milk Chocolate Pudding by Matthew Kenney was a must-try for me! This was also a super quick simple recipe, basically throwing all the ingredients into my Vitamix blender. I used unsweetened almond milk. Once everything was blended, I put them in these colourful tea cups and in the fridge. I did try some, super tasty. It will be great snack or dessert for tomorrow. 

I have marked so many recipes to try, for me it's the vegan recipes I am attracted to, like the Crispy Potato Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes by Jessica Koslow from Sqirl , the Matcha Orange-Cardamom Latte by Jason Wrobel , and the Roasted Acorn Squash and Pear Soup with Sweet-and-Spicy Pepitas by Meredith Klein but I truly appreciate that this book also shares some meat based recipes. It is truly about each person's journey into finding what works for you, in a "healthy, delicious, and ethical eating", finding your true fork. 

You can find Wanderlust Find Your True Fork by Jeff Krasno at:
Indigo.caand check your local independent book store!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.