Wanderlust Tremblant Yoga Festival ~ The Yoga + Meditation Classes

Wow! What an amazing experience the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Tremblant, Quebec was. I have been back for over two weeks and I am still processing everything I have learned, felt, discovered, experienced! 

I want to share with you some of my thoughts through blog posts. It will take a few posts! This first post is all about the yoga and meditation classes. I will write at least two more, one about the other type of workshops we attended and one on the mountain hiking! 

The festival was four days with a long list of workshops and classes to choose from every day. My husband and I registered for all our classes ahead of time, spending a few days poring over all the descriptions for each class and choosing carefully the ones we thought we would both enjoy. 

I wanted to experience as much variety as I could, trying different types of yoga and teaching styles whenever I could. At the same time, I wanted the classes to be enjoyable for Shawn, who is newer to yoga. 

Here is the list of all the yoga and meditation classes we took over the four days:


  • Demistifying the Chakras with Bram Levinson and DJ Serious Black 
  • Awakening the Lotus of the Heart with Anand Mehrotra and Fabiano do Nascimento 
  • Holy Roller: Slow Flow + Self Bodywork with Derek Cook 
  • Dharma and Doubt Vinyassa Flow with Bram Levinson and DJ Sol Rising 
  • Happy Jack Yoga with Happy Jack 
  • Agni - Fire and Flow with Veronique Dumont 

  • Soulscape: Let the Music Move You with Chelsey Korus and DJ Sol Rising
  • Love Revolution - A Sound Journey for Inner Awakening with DJ Taz Rashid 

Below, you can read about each class. I wrote about them in the order of the schedule. 

For most of the classes, I have a photo. All the photos of the classes were taken before they started, and I love the visual memory. I remember the great feeling of anticipation waiting for each class to start. 

I have added a few words below each photo (when I have one) to describe the classes and some quick thoughts. When possible, I have linked the yoga teacher's names with their social media. 

Thursday ~ Our very first class was "Demystifying the Chakras" with Bram Levinson and DJ Serious Black in The Shala room. This was an amazing start of the festival. While working our bodies with an amazing yoga practice, we learned about the Chakras. I felt wanting more after this 90 minute class! I asked for suggestions for learning more and Bram recommended reading "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss. DJ Serious Black was awesome too! 

Awakening the Lotus of the Heart with Anand Mehrotra and Fabiano do Nascimento. Coming from the high of the first class, we attended this much calmer meditation techniques filled class. It was a more traditional class described for all levels. I was looking forward to this experience and loved the live guitar music from Fabiano. The practice seemed a little less explained in this class which I thought should have been more clear to be accessible by all levels. Still, it was an interesting experience with the meditation and the chanting, but looking back this was my only not "amazing" class. 

Next was Holy Roller: Slow Flow + Self-Bodywork with Derek Cook. We used the SOMA SYSTEM self-bodywork tools, which you can see in the photo above. We mostly used the little dumbbells and balls. We did a slow flow yoga class that was amazing for loosening and working through the tension in our back, hips, and shoulders especially. It was ridiculous to feel some of the sore spots and work through them with those tools! Lots of groaning in that class!

Friday ~ We had signed up for only one yoga class and actually we switched it at the last minute for another class with Bram Levinson since we enjoyed him so much the day before. It was a great choice and we loved another 90 minute practice with him. It was called "Dharma and Doubt Vinyasa Flow". This time DJ Sol Rising was with him. I had been listening to his music for the last few months. The yoga flow was filled inspiring talk about doubt, finding our purpose and keeping going. The music matched our yoga flow perfectly, truly in sync. 

Saturday ~ We started the morning with Happy Jack Yoga with Happy Jack Yoga in The Nest. This was a powerful vinyasa yoga class that had us connecting to each other, finding support with complete strangers, and plainly having fun. We were very close physically, our yoga mats practically touching and used that for some of the poses, to hold onto the person next to us! Happy Jack sang and played his guitar. He is full of energy, his life story was truly inspiring. 

Right after Happy Jack Yoga, we had our first Main Stage class, outside in the centre of Tremblant Village! This was "Agni - Fire and Flow" with Veronique Dumont. She had us set up our yoga mats in a mandala formation around her. Shawn and I were right in the centre of it, right in front of her. It was a great empowering class filled with Shiva Rae's prana vinyasa sequences, mantras, all with Veronique's own music. I really enjoyed this 90 minutes class outside in the sunshine. 

Sunday The very last day came way too quickly! We had a difficult Saturday afternoon emotionally and gave ourselves a late start on Sunday, skipping one yoga class at 8am and instead go for a hike in the mountain. It was a good move because we felt much more refreshed for our 10am class. This was a 90 minute class on the Main Stage again. Soulscape: Let the Music Move You with Chelsey Korus and DJ Sol Rising was described as a "Wanderlust Signature class, born and bred at our flagship centre in L.A."  If I had to choose my top three favourite yoga practices during this festival, this one would be one for sure. It was an awesome mix of great flow, music, inspiration, fun, energy. I will always remember her simple words "now it's like this". 

"Love Revolution: A Sound Journey for Inner Awakening" with DJ Taz Rashid was a completely different experience. Mixing sound healing and meditation, along with visualization, it was truly an inner revolution. We used headphones and I believe that made the experience much more powerful than it would have been without. I had a clear vision during meditation filled with sensory feelings of the sunshine and the wind, as well as the visual. I felt so hopeful about the future and completely recharged and rested at the same time after this class. 

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! If you read this far, thank you. This was my first experience with a Wanderlust Yoga Festival. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. So amazing, truly! 

If you are interested in the Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, you can find more info and where the next ones will be here. 

Stay tuned for my other Wanderlust Tremblant posts ♥


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