Wanderlust Yoga Festival ~ Mont Tremblant Hikes

The HIKES!!! Seriously I am so excited to be sharing with you my experiences with the hikes in Mont Tremblant. 

From the top of Mont Tremblant 

This post is the third in a series I am writing about my experiences at the Wanderlust Tremblant Yoga Festival. You can read about the Yoga + Meditation classes here and about the Speakeasy sessions here. 

The festival took place in the ski resort of Tremblant Village at the base of Mont Tremblant in the Laurentians region of Quebec (Laurentides in French) . It is north of Montreal and these mountains are mostly rounded. Mont Tremblant is 875 metres or about 2870 feet. 

As part of the festival, my  husband and I took part of two group hikes. We also went on hikes on our own. 

First group hike:
About halfway up Mont Tremblant,
Shawn looking back down
to Tremblant Village (left side of picture, about half way with white buildings)

Born to be Wild! with Rivhah Rachel . This was a 3 hour hike to the top of Mont Tremblant. We took several trails on the way up: Ruisseaux, parts of Caps, Vertigo and 360. We came across waterfalls, a lot of straight up the mountain sections, and rocks. There were no bugs! I was so surprised and this made the hike very enjoyable. We went all the way up and visited the look out tower. 

I didn't take a lot of photos on this group hike. I didn't want to keep the guide at the back waiting all the time! All the photos below in the mosaic are from our first time up Mont Tremblant. 

First group hike up Mont Tremblant

We rode the gondola down to the village. I was a little nervous riding in that but it was very enjoyable, not at all like the ski lifts in the Alps I remembered as a young teenager. Those were nerve wracking when I was young!

Riding the gondola down Mont Tremblant

The second group hike we went on was the Sunset Gratitude Hike. It was a large group of a 100 participants and we walked along most of the Ruisseaux trail. This one trail is beautiful with several waterfalls. It was led by Katherine Calder-Becker and her husband Kevin. They have raced 17 Ironman events and hold the World Record for "Most Ultraman triathlons finished by a married couple". They were full of inspiration and positive energy. 

Sunset Gratitude Hike 

Sunday morning, Shawn and I went on a shorter hike on the Grand Brule trail. We both needed some nature healing and the mountain fresh air did its magic. I went off at one point on a tiny path, just off the main trail and came upon three does having their breakfast. They were all in the grass chewing calmly. I quietly went back and found Shawn to share what I had found. We watched them, while they watched us, without moving besides chewing, not worried at all. 

Quiet morning hike and peaceful wildlife 

On our last morning in Tremblant, after checking out of our hotel, we headed back up the mountain one more time! We wanted to go up to the summit again, taking the Grand Brule trail all the way up. I loved that hike. It took us three hours to reach the summit, I stopped many times to take photos and to simply enjoy the views.
Back up Mont Tremblant, on the Grand Brule trail

We came across a small but beautiful peaceful lake on our hike up. There were many rocky paths too. The trail is listed as strenuous and we both really loved it. 

Lake along the Grand Brule trail

I knew I would love the mountain hikes but the feeling of accomplishment from climbing all the way to the top was an amazing new high! 

Looking down to Lac Tremblant and the Village (on the left of the photo)

If you are interested in visited Mont Tremblant, check out their website here! It is a beautiful place in all seasons and not far from Montreal, Quebec. 

If you are interested in the Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, you can find more info and where the next ones will be here. 

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